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The Gelganyem Group receives and manages the benefits payable under the Argyle Participation Agreement to the Traditional Owners of the Barramundi dreaming, with respect to their rights and interests in Argyle diamond mine.

“The Gelganyem Group acknowledges country and all of the old people who were here before all of us, who were here before the Argyle Agreement and who gave us the story of Barramundi dreaming.”


The Gelganyem group of companies was formed to help Traditional Owners of the Barramundi dreaming to manage their relationship with Rio Tinto and the benefits that were negotiated under the Argyle Participation Agreement in regard to the Argyle diamond mine in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The Gelganyem Group comprises of Gelganyem Limited, Gelganyem Trust, Gelganyem Investments Proprietary Limited, Gooring JimbilaContracting and the Gelganyem Seed Operation.

Gelganyem Limited acts as the trustee for the Gelganyem Trust. This trust manages funds for TOs for the purpose of law and culture and sustainable charitable outcomes following mine closure.

For the Gelganyem Limited board, a sustainable, healthy and successful future for TOs, as well as education, remains a high priority for focus and investment. Now that the Argyle diamond mine has closed, funds held by the Gelganyem Trust are used to deliver programs for the benefit of Traditional Owners in five key priority areas: Health, Education, Community, Economic and Law and Culture.

Gelganyem Vision

Gelganyem is a connected, culturally strong and sustainable organisation that creates meaningful change and choice for a healthier and better-educated community and business success for all generations of Traditional Owners of the Barramundi Dreaming.

Our Values

Family, Pride, Fairness, Culture, Strength

Our Business Units


19 Chestnut Avenue, Kununurra, 6743
Western Australia

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Gelganyem Group, PO Box 5, Kununurra, 6743
Western Australia

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