Our Story - Gelganyem

The story for Gelganyem Trust (Miriwung)
Jaliwung Ngarranggarni—Barramundi Dreaming Story

A barramundi lives in the river at Dharram (Bandicoot Bar).

One day, a crane fishing for food sees the barramundi and spears it with her beak, but is unable to catch it as the barramundi swims quickly away.

The barramundi travels up the Dunham River, past where the Worrworrum Community is today, and on to Mandangala where she scrapes some of her scales as she passes through. Today those scales can be seen near the Mandangala community’s first gate as white rock on the hillside, most clearly visible in the late afternoon.

Here the barramundi is spotted by some women who try to catch her using nets made of rolled Spinifex grass (a traditional Miriwung fishing method known as Gelganyem). But the barramundi flicks her tail and jumps over the trap.

She escapes between the two hills of Barramundi Gap. This is where the open pit at the Argyle Diamond Mine is now, and heads down to Bow River, where she comes to rest as a white rock. This rock, which can still be seen today, is quite different from all the others at Bow River.

Miriwung Story by Evelyn Hall
Artwork by Jodie Hall
Image courtesy of Hall family

evelyn hall