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What Gelganyem is doing to build strong businesses

The Yawoorroong Jidiwaddam Group has an important role to make sure Traditional Owners and Argyle Diamonds continue to strengthen their relationship and work towards helping more Traditional Owner and Aboriginal businesses take up opportunities through business development and contracting pathways.

On 15 May 2014, the Relationship Committee agreed to name this group The Yawoorroong Jidiwaddam Group.

Yawoorroong is a Miriuwung word and Jidiwaddam is a Gija word – together these two words translate to “working together”.

The Relationship Committee named this group in the spirit of Traditional Owners and Argyle Diamonds working together to build strong businesses for future generations.

The Yawoorroong Jidiwaddam Group is set-up to ensure that Traditional Owners and Argyle work together to deliver the MPA7 and to make sure everything is done the right way (under the principles of the Argyle Participation Agreement).

This group is set-up to make sure that the new processes established under the new MPA7 provide opportunities for Traditional Owners, wherever possible, to take up the opportunities through business development and contracting, including but not limited, to the Argyle Diamond mine site.

This group is made up of individuals who care about the future of Traditional Owner businesses, are committed to seeing positive change and are passionate about giving all Traditional Owners an opportunity at business.

This group is willing to share their knowledge, experience and skills to:

  1. Nurture a meaningful and respectful partnership between Traditional Owners and Argyle Diamonds that will set up more sustainable (long term) Traditional Owner and Aboriginal businesses in the East Kimberley region that leaves a legacy beyond Argyle’s life of mine;
  2. Oversee operation and governance of MPA7 (and its processes), including reporting back to the Relationship Committee in partnership with Gelganyem Trust;
  3. Engage with and provide quality information and recommendations, where required, to the Relationship Committee about business development and contracting;
  4. Provide appropriate guidance to Traditional Owner’s and Argyle to build and grow strong businesses, now and in the future; and 5. Provide cultural and community guidance from a Traditional Owner perspective when engaging with MPA7 Stakeholders.