Kilkayi Trust

Connects with Traditional Owners and distributes the funds from the Argyle Participation Agreement to build healthier communities and families for now.

Kilkayi Trust has two main roles. The first is for Dawang identified in the Agreement to receive benefits from Argyle Diamond Mine through the Kilkayi Trust. The second is for named Elders to receive individual payments every year in recognition of their rights. Kilkayi Trust has 2 Independent Directors and these are normally the same as the 2 Independent Directors for Gelganyem Trust. Payments from Argyle Diamonds to Kilkayi are made twice a year for the benefit of Traditional Owners. The payments will end 6 months after the production at the mine finishes.

To do this well, we need to make sure that Traditional Owners can access money distributed through the Agreement and are supported by Kilkayi staff members to plan and manage these funds properly. Kilkayi staff are available to support Traditional Owners with:

  1. Dawang payments
  2. Individual payments
  3. Annual plans
  4. Annual plan support

Our Directors

Each year the directors of Gelganyem Limited elect a Chair and a Vice-Chair.

There are 11 Directors in total (9 Traditional Owner Directors and 2 Independent Directors). Of the 9 Traditional Owner Directors, 4 come from the 2 primary Dawang of Mandangala and Tiltuwum.

Each of the primary Dawang have 2 representatives each, 1 male and 1 female.

The remaining 5 Directors come from one of the 5 secondary Dawang of Balabur, Bilbildjing, Neminuwarlin, Upper Jimbila and Yunurr.