Our Organisation

GELGANYEM TRUST is a strong organisation that manages the funds and assets under the Argyle Participation Agreement on behalf of the Traditional Owners.

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Gelganyem Trust was established in April 2005 as a charitable trust and marked the end of 3 years of negotiations which showed a new way forward for self-determination of Traditional Owners of the Argyle Diamond Mine area. Gelganyem Directors manage the Sustainability Fund complying with the requirements of the Agreement. Payments from Argyle Diamonds to Gelganyem Trust are made twice a year for the benefit of Traditional Owners. The payments are made in line with the rules of the Agreement and depend upon whether Argyle Diamond Mine makes money over the previous six months. The payments continue until 6 months after the production at the mine ceases.

Our Plans

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The Relationship Committee

The Traditional Owner Relationship Committee was established as Argyle and Traditional Owners want to work together properly, and that it's important to follow the rules of the Management Plan Agreement and to ensure the Agreement works properly.

The Committee comprises 4 Argyle and 26 Traditional Owner representatives and meets every 3 months.

Gelganyem Investments

GELGANYEM INVESTMENTS is a sustainable way to make money through good investments and business success for the benefit of Traditional Owners, now and in the future.

Our Business

Gelganyem Investments Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Gelganyem Enterprise Trust has been established as Gelganyem's commercial arm. Its role is to invest in established businesses, develop new businesses and acquire commercial assets that generate returns for the benefit of Gelganyem's Traditional Owners and the wider Aboriginal community.

Gelganyem Investments has five directors, three Traditional Owner directors with business skills or a strong interest in learning these skills, and two independent directors with business skills.

Gelganyem Investments has established a joint venture with a skilled operator to deliver various services at Argyle Diamond Mine under the trading name of Gooring Jimbila Contracting. The objectives for this enterprise are the same as for all Gelganyem Investments' initiatives:

  • Provide training, employment and business management skills to Aboriginal people
  • Create pride in Traditional Owners in owning and operating successful businesses
  • Generate profits, all of which are directed to Gelganyem Trust